Our Spiritual Leader


Rev. John Beerman

The congregation of Unity Community Church welcomed Rev. John Beerman as our new minister on February 1, 2021. We are so very blessed to have Rev. Beerman and his wife Charlotte, a Licensed Unity Teacher, join our Unity Community Church family.

Rev. John was graduated from the Unity Institute and Seminary with a master’s degree in divinity in 2015 and was ordained by Unity Worldwide Ministries at that time. His lifelong goal was to become a Unity minister, and he acknowledges Spirit, the Christ within. He has been active in Unity communities since 1980, serving ministries in Texas, Colorado, South Carolina and Ohio.

John is married to Charlotte Garrett, who is a Licensed Unity Teacher. John and Charlotte have five children and seven grandchildren. They enjoy hiking, biking, travel and spending time in nature.

Charlotte Beerman

Charlotte Garrett

John’s passion in ministry is conveying and living Unity Truth Principles in a way that is transparent and spiritually awakening, using his lively style and dry sense of humor.

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