Our Prayer Chaplains

Our Prayer Chaplains

prayerJoel Olsteen, Senior Pastor of Lakewood church in Houston, Texas, says: “The world is desperate to experience the love and compassion of our God. More than any other human attribute, I believe our world is crying out for people with compassion, people who love unconditionally, people who take some time to help their fellow sojourners on this planet.”

We are committed to reaching out in prayer, comfort and support to our congregation. Toward that end, we have created a Prayer Chaplain Program.

Our Prayer Chaplains are: Barbara Lanier, Helen Quinn, Diane Starr, Jerry Fudge, Myrna Grindinger and Alicia Stevens.

Each member and regular attendee of our church will receive a phone call every month from one of the chaplains. Your chaplain will lovingly listen to you, pray with you, and hold in confidence anything shared by you.

Our Prayer Chaplains have embarked on a path to deepen their compassion and share unconditional love with you.

This program originally was developed by Rev. Lei Lanni Burt and Diane Williams of Light and Love Ministries. The program was formed to assist leaders in creating effective and innovative pastoral care programs which will empower and motivate ministries in an even greater service to their congregations. Our Spiritual Leader, Elsie Huebner, participated in Rev. Lei Lanni’s Chaplain Trainers’ workshop March 31 – April 2, 2006, and trained our chaplain team.

People who volunteer to be a Prayer Chaplain agree to take on certain responsibilities, such as:

– Make a one-year commitment to serve;

– Maintain a personal prayer life;

– Make wellness calls to members of congregation;

– Make visitations, when available;

– Pray with others;

– Communicate regularly with the Prayer Chaplain Trainer;

– Attend a mandatory orientation, training sessions and monthly training meetings.

No prior experience in prayer or praying with others is required to serve as a Prayer Chaplain. All prospective chaplains receive extensive training. All must be active church membes to participate in this program.

More information about the program is contained in the pink brochure on the table in back of our sanctuary.


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