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spa elementsHealing for Spirit, Mind and Body

We use The Pilgrimage Integrative Healing Process,* a unique approach designed to support the innate healing ability that resides within each person.

Healing is different from curing. Healing implies a positive adjustment to a condition, whether that be an actual curing or the benefit of a more positive outlook or whatever the Holy Spirit intends for that individual.

Providing energy through two healing partners, The Pilgrimage Method draws upon Reiki, therapeutic touch, and many other energy healing modalities to offer a healing experience which has been described as “at the least, very stress-relieving for those who have a capacity to relax.”

It can take several healing experiences for an individual to be able to relax enough to benefit fully from the method, but often, one session gives a great deal of relief. With stress now seen as impacting most of our medical conditions, achieving even that result can be a major factor toward management of illness.

During individual healing sessions, trained partners use a unique process that combines relaxation, healing touch, and prayer. We honor all spiritual paths and traditions.

The need for healing is universal. All of us experience times when we are out of balance, out of harmony with ourselves, each other, and our surroundings. This lack of balance may manifest in our emotions, our physical bodies, our spiritual condition, or all three.

Called The Pilgrimage Integrative Healing Process,* this unique approach is designed to support the innate healing ability that resides within each person.

Offering healing for the spirit, mind and body, it is based on two primary understandings:

  1. That mind and body are connected in infinite ways, as science continues to demonstrate, and
  2. That there is a powerful energy within each individual that can be activated in the service of healing.

In individual healing sessions, two trained Healing Partners create a connection of genuine caring with the client in a peaceful atmosphere of safety and support.

During this time of guided relaxation, healing touch, and prayer, the client need only be open to receiving the benefits of the process. Clients often report feelings of deep relaxation and peacefulness immediately following the session. Other benefits include lowered anxiety, diminished pain, improved mental outlook, and increased energy and connection to the healing power within.

All healing partner volunteers were trained in The Pilgrimage Integrative Healing Process at St. Alfred’s Episcopal Church in Palm Harbor and are committed to empowering others.

There is no fee for healing sessions. If clients wish, they may give a love offering to the church.

Please contact us for an appointment.

*Featured in Prevention Magazine, March 2001

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