About Us

About Us

heartUnity Community is known as “the little church with the big heart.” All who are led to our church are welcomed with open arms and friendship.

Unity Community is a spiritual family of love, guided by the Holy Spirit. We encourage and empower each other to grow in consciousness by teaching, learning and practicing the universal truth principles that Jesus Christ demonstrated.

Unity Community is a ministry that sizzles with love, friendship, closeness and spiritual nourishment for all. We are a reflection of God’s perfection.

beachUnity Community Church was recognized June 1, 2015 as a full status ministry and member of Unity Worldwide Ministries by Unity Worldwide’s Board of Trustees.

“You have all done great work and are an example of a thriving, prosperous community,” Rev. Steve Colladay, Ministry Expansion Consultant Unity Worldwide Ministries, wrote to us. “You have created a strong foundation that will assure this ministry will continue to touch lives and carry Unity’s message well into the future. We will hold the high watch for Unity Community Church’s ongoing success and good works.”

Serving with Love at Unity Community…

Spiritual Leader: Rev. John Beerman

Board of Directors:
Marilyn Renner, President
Pat Crogan, Vice President
Pat Rivera, Secretary
Margaret Klingman, Treasurer
James M. Gibbons, Director
Amy Fraska, Director
Barbara Burns, Alternate Director

Licensed Unity Teacher: Charlotte Garrett

A Course in Miracles Facilitator: Martha Landry


Fellowship Hour:  Pat Crogan and Toni Cina

Music Ministry: Bob Groves, Diane Starr, Marta Kellam, Kathy Smith, and J.M. and Marge Gibbons

Special Day Coordinator: Mary Lou Thomas

Audio Manager: vacant

Greeters/Ushers: Dee Kuncz and Joel Brannen

Flowers: vacant

Building & Grounds: Diane Starr, Norm Sprague, Dan Stemmler, and Marilyn Renner

Newsletter Editor and Mail-Out:


Unity Community Church Installs Prayer Chaplains, 2017

Chaplains: Our 2020 chaplains are Sharlene Hale, Pat Rivera, Pat Crogan, Diane Starr, Marilyn Renner, Lesley Blake, Bette Wood. Laura Ronan, and Kimberly Plazewski

Administrative Assistant: vacant

Pilgrimage Energy Healers: Diane Starr, Chairperson

Unity Community Church also is affiliated with Silent Unity, the 24-hour Prayer Ministry; Daily Word; Unity Magazine; and Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. The church is a member of Unity Worldwide Ministries.


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